About Us


ELOQUENT LEGAL is an education business with a mission.

The mission is to help people learn in a way that suits them best.

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The business offers education services to people who aspire either to increase their professional knowledge or to better themselves in some way, through education.

The aims of the business are to enhance growth through legal learning relevant to each person’s professional specialism and to provide support for students.

The following groups of people will benefit from the service the business provides:

Those who have been out of formal education for a while who are returning to academic study at a college, university or other community learning course.

Students on medical courses at higher education who require academic support with for example, study skills relevant for medical training, essay writing and examination skills.

Students with a recognised mental illness who have a desire to learn with the help of a caring personal tutor.

Students on other university and college courses.

Professionals who require legal learning to inform their practice.

Eloquent Legal

Why Choose Us?

Support with 1-2-1 tuition for those times when reading text and information from lectures/classes are not enough.

Access to a wide range of courses including report writing and giving presentations to help you use your knowledge in a way that makes sense to you, at your fingertips anytime of the day or night or through correspondence courses.

Provision of subject-specific academic resources (writing reflections and reflective essays, writing student or professional portfolios and much more) for medical students and professionals.

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